Blackout Bard Now

Written by Najwa Jamal “WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS” Goosebumps rose up and down my arms as I heard these powerful chants shouted into Kline. I think back to the day of the recent protest, rushing down the corridor to New Kline, feeling the gathered students’ united passion for one cause: equity. […]

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A Lesson on Gerrymandering by Professor Ethan Bloch

by Gabrielle Berbey ger·ry·man·der /ˈjerēˌmandər/ verb gerund or present participle: gerrymandering manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency With Statewide Direct Primary elections approaching on June 5th and midterm elections on November 6th, 100 Days invited Professor […]

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Activist Spotlight: Lexi Parra

Written by Maeve McKaig Lexi Parra has been working as a community organizer on Bard’s campus since her first year in Annandale. Now a senior photography and human rights major, activism and organizing work has become an integral part of Parra’s life, both personally and professionally. Her work has ranged from on-campus discussion and education […]

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Artist Interviews from Borikén Florece: A Benefit Concert for Puerto Rico

by Gabrielle Berbey On October 29th, various first and second generation Puerto Rican artists from around New York performed at a benefit concert for Puerto Rico held at Bard’s Sosnoff Theater. All of the proceeds from the event were donated to Taller Salud, Casa Pueblo, and Iser Caribe, community-based organizations to support the health and […]

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Recap: ElectHer

Twenty Bard students participated in a day-long training session on Saturday as part of a national Elect Her training effort to encourage women to run for public office starting with Student Government.  Sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement, Student Government, and Election@Bard, the training focused on communication skills including speech writing, public speaking, and other […]

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