100 Days Redux

Written by Johanna Costigan The 100 Days Initiative has been busy trying to track and process the always wayward and frequently contested political actions taken by the 45th president. Our mission has been to make sense of the events taking place in Washington and deliver digestible and local action opportunities to Bard students as well […]

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Working Group: LGBTQ

The LGBTQ Working Group intends to support the larger First 100 Days Initiative in providing information, resources, and opportunities for action in regards to the direct impact that the new Presidential administration has on the LGBTQ community. Our mission is to educate the broader community on LGBTQ issues and to foster safer spaces for all […]

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This working group is heavily invested in tracking, fact checking, and planning any necessary resistance to unwelcome changes made in the sphere of education, as well as utilizing the resources of local government to foster an inclusive and effective system of education for all.

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