Sarah deVeer ‘17 is a staff member at the Center for Civic Engagement, overseeing local engagement and volunteer programs for undergrads at Bard College. The Dissonance is one of her favorite student staffs to run, and she is particularly excited about film and podcast projects produced through the initiative as she obtained her Bachelors in Film and Electronic Arts. Sarah enjoys the opportunity to intersect media with local and national politics, and is always excited to see the innovative projects the student staff produces. 

Erin Cannan is the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean of Civic Engagement, and the Deputy Director of Bard CCE. She plays a vital role in The Dissonance’s leadership team as she guides our writers to important topics.

Eden Rorabaugh is a junior from Atlanta. She is studying computer science with a focus on digital activism and user experience. She hopes to contribute to the field by directing focus on the consumers of technology and how that technology affects them. Eden is passionate about digital activism and engagement which is included in her role as the dissonance technology and media specialist.

Maeve McKaig is a junior at Bard College majoring in political studies. She has been working for the Dissonance since the Fall of 2017, when the organization was still known as the 100 Days Initiative. Her work has covered voting rights, the work of student activists, and civic engagement in local politics. She has definitely proven to be a leader on the Dissonance team as she leads writing workshops and brainstorms paper topics.