Funto Omojola is a Global and International Studies student based in New York. Her writing centers around the intersectionalities of class, race, as well as economic and political development. She believes in the ability of such intersectional work to serve as a tool of political and cultural analysis and to challenge mainstream norms.

Gabrielle Berbery is a documentary filmmaker from San Francisco who graduated from Bard College in May 2018. Passionate about translating non-fiction narratives into multimedia platforms, Gabrielle has explored storytelling through short documentaries, podcasts, and interactive media platforms. In addition to 100 Days, she works at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art in Brooklyn and Human Rights Sound Lab at Bard. She is also completing her senior thesis as a joint Human Rights and Film/Electronic Arts major.

Maeve McKaig began working with the 100 Days in the fall of 2017. She is also the head of the Bard chapter of Democracy Matters, a non-partisan organization working to get big money out of politics. About to finish her first year at Bard, Maeve is intending on majoring in political studies. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and misses Lake Michigan dearly.

Najwa Jamal is a freshman Sociology major at Bard College from Astoria, New York. As the daughter of Moroccan immigrants, her interests lie in the intersectionality of variables like gender, race and religion, and their effects on an individual’s social standing within various institutions. She will utilize her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program experience with facilitating service activities and volunteering with children of immigrants to provide the 100 Days with a more intimate immigrant perspective.

Taysa Mohler is a senior studying Literature and Middle Eastern Studies, with a concentration in Science, Technology, and Society. Her work for the initiative is largely organizational and technical, and she supports much of the media and content-production team. She is mission-driven and believes in the 100 Days’ ability to contribute to the structuring of the activist conversation at Bard. She originally worked on the website and still runs the newsletter, but her focus in this semester is working on building a calendar that they Bard community can use to keep track of activist events on campus and in the area. In her free time, she can be found bullet-journaling, color-coding, and knitting.

Xaver Kandler is a senior studying Environmental and Urban Studies with a concentration on environmental justice. Focusing on the intersection between social and environmental issues, he relishes in the challenge of complex issues that demand creativity, effective communication, and principled personal relationships. When not organizing, researching, or writing, Xaver can be found backpacking, dancing, playing frisbee, or in his kitchen exploring a new recipe.