The Fellows are Bard students who write, edit, record, organize, and create for the Dissonance. Send us an email, we’re happy to connect!


Maeve McKaig is a junior at Bard College majoring in political studies. She has been working for the Dissonance since the Fall of 2017, when the organization was still known as the 100 Days Initiative. Her work has covered voting rights, the work of student activists, and civic engagement in local politics. 

Najwa Jamal is a sophomore Sociology major from Astoria, New York. Interested in evaluating prevalent social problems today, especially those that deal with the intersectionality of race, class, gender, and religion, her work focuses on a personal approach to often depersonalized issues of inequality within media today. Currently also working with the Center for Civic Engagement, Najwa is similarly interested in the ways activism and engagement within a local community can reverberate to help solve national and global crises.

Gaby Sabogal is a freshman from Mexico City, Mexico. Her work generally surrounds the discussion of social justice issues, specifically those pertaining to the mistreatment of immigrants and immigration rights. She believes in the importance of engaging with those who face oppression, and hopes to inspire other students to become more involved with these problems.

Sarita Bradshaw is a freshman from Seattle, Washington. Passionate about the injustices that exist in our government, justice system, and greater society, Sarita hopes to create a conversation surrounding these issues. Sarita further works as a liaison for a grant to establish after school programming, and strongly believes that education is essential to the creation of a better world.

Alyssa White

Azal Kassem is a sophomore Global and International Studies/Political studies major from New York, New York. He’s interested in learning about governmental policies and analyzing them. He also finds the idea of examining democracy and its development intriguing. He’s passionate about learning more about global issues and tackling the controversies and the complications in these them. He believes that empathy and understanding others are essential steps toward a better peaceful world.