What has been Accomplished 1208 Days Later

President Trump’s election promises claimed to make a stronger and greater America. But has his administration kept those promises? No. instead of making a stronger America, Trump Administration is chaotically attempting to dismantle and nullify all the policies that were implemented by his predecessor, President Obama. In his campaign, President Trump blustered to change the US after a disastrous 8 years under the Obama administration. President Trump focused his campaign on distinguishing himself from Obama’s administration. And for that reason, his policies aimed toward opposing the policies implemented under the Obama Administration. 

The first hundred days are critically important days for a president to prove their worth and show that they can bring about a change and continue to lead the country to its utmost greatness; President Trump made clear his mission to “Make America Great Again” since, according to him, the Obama Administration led the country on a downward trend. The way President Trump chose to distinguish himself from Obama is by opposing all the policies the Obama administration implemented such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as the authorization of the infamous Travel Ban. 

Repealing The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obama Care,” is the most popular policy that President Trump had opposed throughout his presidential campaign and one of the first policies to be implemented in his first hundred days. “On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare,” President Trump said on his campaign website. President Trump has attacked the ACA in rallies, speeches, and tweets, describing it as the main “disaster” to the health care program as well as the US spending budget. The Budgetary concern is only used to give more than one reason for repealing the ACA, however, the main issue is to get rid of it because of the fact that it was imposed and implemented by the Obama Administration. 

In an interview with Pr. Frederic C Hof, a Diplomat in Residence at Bard College, Pr. Hof emphasized the impact the ACA has had on the American public and made it less complicated to understand the strong opposition of the ACA by the Republican Party and President Trump. Frederic C. Hof said: 

“I think for the American people, the biggest implications in possibly replacing the ACA 

are Uninsured Americans, Americans without health insurance. The other big issue has to do with pre-existing health problems that are serious enough so that a person seeking health insurance might be denied insurance by the insurance companies because the pre-existing condition would require a great deal of expense to treat. And these are the issues that the ACA tried to address.” Hof’s response posed an important question which is if the ACA aims to make it easy for the American people to get cheaper health insurance and cover the expenses for pre-existing conditions, why is it strongly opposed by President Trump and the republican party? Hof pointed out that the ACA “resembles Republican health care proposals from the 1980s, and this makes it hard to understand the emotional Republican opposition to it.” 

Another controversial policy issued by the Trump Administration within the first hundred days was the infamous “Muslim ban” targeting 7 Muslim countries. Why? His administration deemed that these countries had lost political stability. What is the main reasoning behind targeting these countries if his campaign promise has the racist notion of keeping all Muslims out? It appears that President Trump’s objectives are and promises do not align with each other. According to Professor Hof, the US has already a very complex and effective vetting system in place where individuals seeking to be relocated to the US will go through years of investigations from several different agencies. Because of this intense vetting, political instability in these countries cannot be the main issue. President Trump sought this move to be popular within his “political base”. According to Pr. Hof, with this policy, he will keep his political base, “those who are afraid of the other,” content with him, simultaneously he would not want to complicate other objectives. Did or will this policy harvest the seeds of its objective? Since the core objective of the travel ban is to keep President Trump’s political base content with him, this policy accomplished nothing in the ground except for the personal advantage that President Trump gained which is an advertisement for his future campaign. 

President Trump’s policies have inspired many human rights organizations to come out and defend those who would be affected by them. It also ignited many different movements across the nation such as the women’s march, which now has become an annual movement, as well as other movements such as Climate March and pro-immigration movements. Read more details about these movements in the article Where We Stand 1163 Days Later. 

President Trump’s policies indicate that his mission is not to “make America great again,” but to become the antithesis of Obama’s administration, by destroying the nation and any international respect, instead of transforming in positive ways. All the policies implemented aimed to destroy what the Obama Administration built even if what the Trump administration has not done anything to transform the nation as promised. President Trump’s preconceived notion of building 

a great America is to get rid of what the Obama administration has built, for, according to the President, it’s delaying the country from moving forward, instead of building on it. 

The reality on the ground shows that the US is not moving toward a “great America” as the President promised. Overall the conclusion is that the Trump Administration’s agenda is more of getting rid of what the Obama Administration has built and hope that the US will move forward without a well studied. Alternative plan. The vision that President Trump wanted to achieve from his policies is just ink on papers but no reality of achieving it on the ground. 

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