Hudson Valley Activists Fight for A Clean Dream Act

On October 27, 2017, immigration activists from Dutchess and Columbia County met with Representative Sean Maloney of New York’s 18th District about signing the Dream Act Pledge. The activists, leaders of local organizations including La Voz and Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, held a two-hour deliberation session to solidify the strongest unified approach for their meeting with Rep. Maloney. Although each organization had slightly varied points of interest, the activists agreed to remain steadfast on one demand: getting Rep. Maloney’s pledge for a Clean Dream Act.

The work of immigration activists is especially crucial in this upcoming three-week period where lawmakers will attempt to compromise on a path to citizenship for Dreamers.  Accountability is key in holding members of Congress to their pledge.

For more information on where your member of Congress stands on DACA, visit The Dreamer Pledge.

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