Citizenship and Immigration

As a group of faculty, staff, and students acting as community members, we are focusing our efforts to provide information about developments relating to immigration and citizenship, including new and proposed policies and actions of the new presidential administration on immigration, both generally and in terms of current updates by the new administration. Through research, bi-weekly open meetings and event planning, we hope to uplift the resources of organizations already in place by organizations to further disseminate information on knowing our rights, as (non)citizens and non-citizens, as well as how to show up as an ally effectively in this fight for the and protection of our communities. With resources such as La Voz, Workers Justice Center and other Hudson Valley-specific groups, the goal is to work with and aid in providing resources and support in the good work already happening in the region. Through this approach, we also hope to further build the bridge between the Bard community and those in the larger Hudson Valley to strengthen support in this uncertain time. Please reach out to Kevin Dean,, if you are interested in actively joining this working group.