The Age of New Protest

It is not hard to look around today and realize we are in the midst of constant tension between the people and the state. Naturally, protest seems like a first step at absolving these conflicts. Passion and anger begin to fuel you. Those emotions whither away almost as quickly as they charged you. Headline after […]

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A Letter to Those Responsible

This is a letter to myself, and more importantly, to whoever is listening. Horror. Panic. Anxiety. Will I live to see my children grow up in a world consumed by climate-caused destitution? A world full of poverty, food shortages, environmental decimation, a complete and utter obliteration of all things as we know? I face these […]

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Soil as Solution

Written by Bronwyn Simmons Driven by greed and ignorance, we have pushed our environmental home to the point where it pushes back, wreaking havoc on us with natural disasters and famines. Yes, fossil fuel use has greatly contributed to global warming, but a large amount of the carbon that we’ve released into the atmosphere comes […]

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